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Monday, 30 January 2017

Steps to register/Unregister Project Server 2013 Event Receivers through GUI

  1. Browse SharePoint Central Administration.
  2. Browse ‘Manage service applications’ under ‘Application Management’
  3. Access ‘Project Server Service Application’ (it may in different name based on the environment)
  4. Choose the PWA instance ----> Click ‘Manage’ from context menu to register event receiver.
  5. Click ‘Server Side Event Handlers’ under ‘Operational Policies’
  6. Choose ‘Project’ as Event Source and choose event as ‘Deleted’ and click
  7. Click on ‘New Event Handler’
  8. Provide details as

Name =   MSPSProjectEventHandlers.DeleteProjectEvent
Assembly Name = MSPSProjectEventHandlers, Version=, Culture=neutral, 

       Class Name = MSPSProjectEventHandlers.DeleteProjectEvent

Order = 1

  1. Once done, click ‘Save’
  2. Note: System will take few mins to show registered event receiver