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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Powershell script to get Orphaned SharePoint 2010 web templates from Site collection

Problem - In SharePoint 2010, when you save site as a template, it will be saved as a .wsp file and you can find all web templates in site collection solution gallery. What if, we delete solution without deactivating? so deleted objects became a orphan. How to get find orphaned web templates?

Soltion: We can't get orphaned items from solution gallery when you retrive through Object model. Then, how to get? Using powershell command Get-SPFeature of site collection we will be getting all installed & orphned features. In this case, the web template also stored as a feature. Once you get the feature id, use stsadm or powershell command to deactivate. that't it. You can automate same script to process @ farm/web appliaction level.

Here is the detailed info.

run in sharepoint powershell console.

Get-SPFeature -site XXXXXXX

sample out put
get the required feature id and using stsadm -o deactivatefeature command to deactivate the same.

Happy programming....

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