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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Managed Metadata Column Limitations - SP 2010

Hi All,
As everybody thinks that, SharePoint 2010 managed meta data column is very handy and useful for our all list operations and other SPD changes. However, following are limitations about Managed Meta Data column in SP 2010.
1) No InfoPath Support
2) No SharePoint Workspace Support
3) No Support in Office 2007
4) Cannot Edit Managed Metadata values in Datasheet Mode
5) Limitations in Views
6) Extra care required in SharePoint Designer Workflows
7) Feature deployment of Managed Metadata requires care
8 ) Cannot be used in calculated fields
9) Maximum of 250 terms selected per Managed Metadata Column
10) Caution when restoring a Local Term Set to another Content Database
11) Taxonomy feature is not activated on the Blank Site Template
12) Know capacity boundaries
13) Cannot add a Managed Metadata Column through SharePoint Designer
I referred following blog, and check below url for detailed explanation about each point mentioned from above list.

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