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Monday, 25 August 2014

Powershell Script - Copy files from source location to destination - Xcopy deployment

The following script will backup files from destination location to some other folder and copy files from source location to destination. The script accepts following input parameters

1. Destination location
2. Backup location

Note: I have hard coded source location for convenience, however you can pass as a parameter

Steps involved

1. Save following script as psCopyFiles.ps1

# Name:             psCopyFiles.ps1 
# Description:      This script will files from source location to destination
#                   location and backup files to another directory
# Usage:            Run the script by passing the paramter SourceLocation,
#                   DestinationLocation & BackupLocation
# Created By:       Vamsi Mohan Mitta
# Date:             01/07/2014

if ((gsnp Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null){
    asnp Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell

function Get-ScriptDirectory
 $Invocation = (Get-Variable MyInvocation -Scope 1).Value
 Split-Path $Invocation.MyCommand.Path

$currentPhysicalPath = Get-ScriptDirectory

$logfile=$currentPhysicalPath + "\log.log"

Start-Transcript $logfile

#$backupLocation = "\\WIN-K6KO9R0T2LC\C$\Backup"
#$backupFolder = $BackupLocation + "Backup"

if ((Test-Path $BackupLocation) -ne $True)
    New-Item $BackupLocation -type directory
    write-host “Successfully created folder!” -ForegroundColor Green

    write-host “Folder already exits” -ForegroundColor Blue

#Get current date
#$currentDate = (get-date).tostring("mm_dd_yyyy-hh_mm_s")
$currentDate = Get-Date -format MM-dd-yyyy
if($currentDate -ne $null)
    $newFolder = $BackupLocation + $currentDate
    if ((Test-Path $newFolder) -ne $True)
        New-Item $newFolder -type directory
        write-host “Successfully created backup folder-” $newFolder -ForegroundColor Green
    if($newFolder -ne $null)
        $removeBackupFolder = $newFolder + "\*"
        Remove-Item $removeBackupFolder -Recurse

        Copy-Item $DestinationLocation -Destination $newFolder -Recurse
        write-host “Successfully copied files to backup folder-” $newFolder -ForegroundColor Green

        $removeFolder = $DestinationLocation + "*"
        Remove-Item $removeFolder -Recurse
        write-host “Successfully removed files from folder--” $DestinationLocation -ForegroundColor Green

        #copy files from source location to destination
        $sLocation = $currentPhysicalPath + "\webapp.com\*"
        Copy-Item $sLocation -Destination $DestinationLocation -Recurse
        write-host “Successfully copied files & folders to -” $DestinationLocation -ForegroundColor Green

Echo Finish

Step2: Create batch file to run the script. Save file in .bat format.

cd /d %~dp0
powershell -file  ./psCopyFiles.ps1 -DestinationLocation "\\WIN-K6KO9R0T2LC\C$\ecwebapp.com\" -BackupLocation "\\WIN-K6KO9R0T2LC\C$\Backup\"

Happy powershell coding... please feel free to comment...

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