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Friday, 21 November 2014

SharePoint 2010 Audience - Adding Active Directrory Security Group

Sometimes few AD security groups will not be appeared when adding to Audience. However, we can find same security groups when you add to site collections or some other places.

Reason: Sometimes SharePoint admins might have not configured user profile connection to import all kinds of groups as part of profile synchronization. In that case we should manually import respective groups. Here are the steps

1.Browse CAàManage Service Applications-à Find respective user profile service

2. Click on – Configure Synchronization Connections

3. Context menu and choose Edit

4. Enter password and click Populate Containers (will take some time to populate data)



5. Choose your respective Organizational Unit (again it will take some time to load)

6. Choose Groups

7. Find your respective Security Group and include

8. And hit OK, will take some time to process your request

9. Then go back to user profile service-à Start Profile Synchronizationà Start Incremental Synchronization

Note: No need of full import, if the group contains already existing users. If users are newly added, then we need full import.


10. Wait till synchronization completes…
11. Go to Manage Audiences

13. New Audience
14.Add Name and Owner & choose ‘Satisfy all of the rules’  and click OK

15. Choose operator as Member Of1
16. Add  respective AD security group and hit Ok 

17. Hit Compile audience….


That’s it….. your SharePoint audience group has been successfully creates. So we can use where ever we have provision to use….

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