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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

SharePoint 2013 Provider host app with MVC5 Example

There are many articles in the web which explains their own scenarios and few are generic though... but few articles haven't covered few settings like Provider Host web app (MVC) settings in IIS server & there are many... In this article I would explain in detail about SharePoint 2013 provider host app with MVC sample. 

I am assuming following is the DEV environment topology

Single server farm–

·         DNS, Active Directory

·         SharePoint 2013 enterprise

·         SQL Server 2012 enterprise with SP1

·         Visual Studio 2013

Following are high level steps which we are going to discuss in detail in later sections of the article

1.      Creating certificates for SharePoint Web application& Provider Host Web (MVC) – Generally, for demo purpose we can create IIS self-signed certificates; however in real time scenarios we should create SAN certificates. In this article I am going to show how we can create SAN (Subject Alternative Names) DNS server.

2.      Export certificates to local drive.

3.      Create DNS host entries for SharePoint site & Provider Host web (MVC)

4.      Create SharePoint Web application with SSL enabled (ignore if you already have one)

5.      Create host named site collection under SharePoint web application which we created in step3 (ignore if you already have one)

6.      Create virtual directory for Provider Host web (MVC) in IIS. We can test our application using IIS express which VS 2012/2013 provides by default for testing purpose; however I want to explain real time settings by creating virtual directory in IIS with proper deployment steps.

7.      IIS authentication settings for Provider Host web (MVC) – Very important.

8.      Register and generate app ids, app secret & provider host web app (MVC) entries.

9.      Deploy Provider Host App (MVC) certificate to SharePoint 2013 trusted root authority. - Very important.

10.   Create SharePoint 2013 provider host app with MVC in visual studio 2013

11.  Add client id, client secret& issuer id to Provider host web app (MVC) web.config

12.   Deploy SharePoint app & provider host web (MVC).

 will add detailed steps soon......

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