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Friday, 20 February 2015

Create and Deploy Performance Point Services 2013 dash board to SharePoint 2013

Here are steps to create sample Filter, Analytic Grid and deploy to SharePoint 2013 BI site.

I am assuming following steps are done.

1. Install SQL Server 2012 with SP1 along with SSAS

2. Install SharePoint 2013 enterprise edition

3. Restore AdeventureWorksDW2012 - http://michalturek.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/setup-sql-server-2012-and-adventure.html

Once you are done with above given steps. Please follow detailed steps to create & deploy basic PPS dashboard to SharePoint 2013 BI site
  1. Browse site - http://vmsapshare01/  (Replace with your site url)
  2. Click ‘Dashboards’
    Click on PerformancePoint --> Dashboard Designer
  3. Click ‘Open’, it will install PPS designer and launches interface.
  4. Right click PerformancePoint Content---> New---> Filter
  5. Choose ‘Member Selection’
  6. Select ‘AdventureWorksDW2012’
  7. Click ‘Next’
  8. Select ‘filter dimension’ as ‘Product’
  9. Select ‘filter members’ as ‘All Products’ and right click, choose ‘Select Children’ and click ‘OK’
  10.  Hit ‘Next’ and choose ‘List’ and click ‘Finish’
  11. Name filter as ‘Product’
  12. Right click ‘Performace PointContent’ & choose Report
  13.  Choose ‘Analytic Grid’ and hit ‘OK’
  14. Choose ‘AdventureWorksDW2012’ and hit ‘Finish’
  15.  Name reports as ‘ProductGrid’
  16.  Drag and drop following measures to ‘Rows’ section @ the bottom of the Page.

  • Average Rate
  • Order Count
  • Tax Amount
  • Total Product Cost

  1. Drag ‘Product’ dimension to Column section
  2. Right click ‘PerformacePointConteny’ --> Choose ‘DashBoard’
  3. Choose ‘2 Columns’ and click OK
  4. Drag and drop ‘Product’ filter ‘Left Column’ in the dash board page
  5. Drag and drop ‘ProductGrid’ report to ‘RightColumn’
  6. Click right arrow of ProductGrid report and choose ‘Create Connection’
  7.  Choose ‘Items’ tab and select ‘Left Column – (1) Product’
  8. Choose ‘Values’ tab and select ‘Member Unique Name’ as ‘Source Value’
  9. Click OK
  10. Save dash board to desktop  and name it as ‘PPSDashboard’
  11.  Right click on ‘ProductDashBoard’ and click ‘Deploy to SharePoint’
    Choose different product from ‘Products’ dropdown list and check the data in Product Grid.

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